Herd management and follow-up is an important issue in order to ensure the sustainability of the business. There are some criteria that we pay attention to when choosing the flocks to be used in organic egg production; foot structure suitable for walking outside, physique and feather structure that will not be affected in variable weather conditions, live weight, etc. After selecting the chicken breed that meets the criteria such as, the newly hatched, zero-day-old chicks are brought to our facility. 


After providing the appropriate ambient temperature and other conditions in our specially prepared poultry houses, they start to be fed with chick rearing feed prepared with organic raw materials from the first day. All vaccinations that should be done according to the age in the vaccination calendar prepared by the veterinarian are made on time. These vaccines are not any antibiotic or hormone application. It is a vaccination application that is made for the chicks to be able to resist diseases that may come from outside throughout their lives. Every day, the flock’s needs such as feed, water and ventilation are carefully fulfilled. 


This adventure continues until the age of 16 weeks. After the 16th week, they become ready to lay eggs by being transferred from the rearing hens to the laying hens whose physical conditions are suitable for laying (with nests and perches). While Kor Egg creates its own herd inventory, it sells certified organic pullets if it is planned according to the wishes of other organic egg producers.