Kor Yumurta'nın Farkı

Our difference is to be the most preferred brand in Turkey with an academic and scientific perspective in the production of organic eggs and organic chicken meat. Kor Egg has succeeded in proving its quality with the appreciation of its products. Kor Egg, which does its job with love with the awards it has won both at the national and international level, aims to take firm steps towards its goals with a strong understanding that quality is never a coincidence. For this, he always adopts the purple cow theorem.


Continuing egg production by giving importance to scientific values; With the awareness that egg yolk originates from natural colorants, it adds products such as Red Pepper and Marigold to chicken feeds. We produce eggs that make a difference with the yolk, with our understanding that color affects the perception of taste in food products. 


2015 yılında Belçika merkezli International Taste & Quality Institute tarafından organik yumurta alanında ödül alarak Türkiye’nin bu alandaki gurur kaynağı olan Kor Yumurta; başarısını ulusal anlamda da kanıtlamayı başarmıştır. Bu çerçevede, Tüketicileri Koruma Derneği tarafından ‘En Beğenilen ve Tavsiye Edilen Marka’ ödülünü 2 kez kazanmayı başarmıştır.


Established under the leadership of Dr. İsmail Kor and attaching importance to scientific principles since its establishment, Kor Egg; gives importance to scientific values in every field of production. Kor Yumurta reflects scientific criteria to its production activities by bringing it together with world standards; It continues to produce organic eggs and organic chicken meat by conducting R&D studies.


As Kor Egg, we provide for our chickens the factors such as comfortable walking and contact with the soil, which are a necessity of organic egg production. While we create a wide and natural living space with our farm located in a place far from the urban area, we perform a healthy production in a geography rich in water resources.