Kor Egg, whose adventure started in 1977 when its founder İsmail Kor won the Animal Nutrition Department of Ege University Faculty of Agriculture; With 42 years of experience, it aims to produce eggs and chicken products at international standards.

Our story, which started in 1981 with our founder’s undergraduate education, continued with his master’s degree in 1985 and doctorate studies in 1990, while serving in the private sector, he carried out at the same time as his specialist career. İsmail Kor, who worked as the Village-Tur regional manager between 1993-1995, took this adventure to a different dimension in 1996 in a 24 m2 shop in İzmir Karşıyaka with the decision of 5 April. İsmail Kor, who entered the chicken meat and egg sector by reflecting the knowledge and experience he accumulated in his education life to the commercial field; In this process, it has created a very serious customer portfolio and at the same time strengthened the success of the sector. Poultry İsmail, who has been serving for a long time in the sale of chicken meat and eggs; After a short time, he established a chicken farm in Kemalpaşa Armutlu and made more serious investments in the sector.

The establishment of this farm, which also laid the groundwork for the birth of the Kor Egg brand, played an important role in meeting the organic chicken and organic egg needs in our country. Our brand, which does not compromise on quality and standards while increasing its production capacity day by day, has succeeded in being the primary choice of Turkey’s most important market chains.

Having succeeded in carrying its national achievements to the international level in 2015, Kor Egg has been awarded by the Belgium-based International Taste & Quality Institute in the field of Organic Eggs and has become a source of pride for Turkey in this field. As the first and only brand to win the aforementioned award, Kor Egg; It continues to maintain its success with products with high nutritional value in its modern production facilities in Izmir.

In order to add added value to the egg, it has succeeded in extending the shelf life to 2 years by first pasteurizing the egg and then turning it into powder form. From the obtained egg powders, for the first time in our country, sports nutrition drinks, protein bars and protein chips, calcium and collagen supplements were offered to consumers.