Egg Membrane and Egg Shell Capsule
Food Supplement

Egg Shell Capsule

Filled with Calcium 
An average eggshell can provide twice the daily recommended amount of calcium for an adult, making it one of the most calcium-rich foods. Calcium is an essential mineral for the growth and development of bones. It also helps regulate heart rhythm, improves muscle function, and controls the levels of magnesium, phosphorus and potassium in the blood. 

Considering the prevalence of calcium deficiency in the average diet, eggshell is clearly an inexpensive and readily available source of calcium. In fact, some studies show that calcium derived from eggshells may be more beneficial in the same amounts derived from calcium supplements because the body processes food-based shell calcium more slowly, thus reducing the risks of calcium overconsumption. 

Strengthens Bones and Helps Treat Osteoporosis! 
The advantages of the calcium in the eggshell began to attract the attention of scientists working on the treatment of osteoporosis. Findings, calcium, strontium and fluorine provided by the shell positively affect bone bolism and have been shown to stimulate cartilage growth. 

Clinical studies in postmenopausal women also show that the powder from the peels can reduce pain associated with osteoporosis and increase women’s mobility. The same studies have found a link between the eggshell cure and stopping bone degeneration or, in some cases, an increase in overall bone density. 

Other researchers are investigating whether the proteins in it could be used as a natural source of calcium carbonate for bone tissue substances. By combining eggshell proteins with a substance called hyaluronan, they unlocked enhanced forms of bone production and tissue engineering. This condition is to be used for bone replacement; It promises a cheaper and easily utilizable source of calcium. 

Egg Membrane Capsule

Helps reduce neck, back and waist pain. 

It helps to quickly relieve the pain of calcification. 

It helps prevent bone resorption disease. 

It helps in the treatment of osteoarthritis. 

With its collagen and calcium salts in its structure, it is considered appropriate to use every single capsule in bone, joint and connective tissue disorders. 

Collagen hyaluronic acid and glucosamine chondroitin sulfate have cell regenerative properties and have a positive effect on the skin. 

Calcification (osteoarthritis): Calcification that occurs at the ends of the bones due to the deterioration of the bone structure, restricts the movement mechanism in the joints. The eggshell membrane strengthens the joints and reduces the limitation of movement. 

Joint fluid: With the decrease in joint fluid in advanced ages, pain and limitation of movement occur in the joints. When glucosamine, which maintains the integrity of the fluid in the joints, decreases in the body, the joint fluid is lost. Glucosamine in the membrane of the egg shell prevents the reduction of fluid in the joints. 

Cartilage structure: The cartilage structure between the two bones, which provides ease of movement in the joints, loses its integrity especially in advanced ages. When glucosamine and chondroitin, which provide the formation of the cartilage structure, decrease in the body, the cartilage structure loses its feature. It is recommended to take glucosamine and chondroitin additionally, which is needed by the cartilage structure. The contents of the eggshell membrane are rich in glucosamine and chondroitin.