We make available sports supplement products which produced to meet the daily needs of athletes in terms of calcium, protein and other minerals. As Kor Yumurta, due to the variety we serve in egg and egg products, we also offer organic solutions to all individuals who need protein, especially to athletes. Kor Yumurta, which accepts the production deficiency in the field of egg powder in Turkey as an opportunity and produces serious solutions in order to meet the needs of consumers with domestic products, aims to meet all your needs with sports supplement products. The sports supplement which draws attention with its advantages, is one of the most preferred products in terms of being rich in minerals as well as being organic.


Sports supplement products that can be bought with the quality of Kor Yumurta provide advantages in all aspects.
We can list these advantages as follows;
• Since it is produced from quality egg whites obtained from organic eggs, it does not have any negative effects on human health,
• Unlike the protein powders are commonly used by athletes that do not comply with health standards such as whey, sports supplements from organic eggs help you achieve higher performance while exercising,;
• One of the biggest effects of egg white on human health is that it has a very positive effect on the speed of digestion. In this sense, due to the use of sports supplements, it becomes a solution to digestive problems,
• This product which has strawberry, banana and chocolate aromas, is easier and more delicious in terms of consumption.


Kor Yumurta, acting to meet the needs of the consumer with different organic solutions, is the big supporter of athletes. Kor Yumurta aims to contribute the performance of the athletes with the limited production of egg white powder in Turkey and to move this product forward with the R&D studies.

Kor Yumurta almost make a breakthrough in terms of organic eggs in Turkey by moving production standards to international standards in which the goal of bringing the best products to the consumer. Sports supplement which is produced for this aim, provides a great utilization for athletes and anyone who needs supplement in daily life.