Pasteurized eggs are the eggs produced in organic conditions, seperated from their shells, repackaged in hygienic environments and made ready for use. Although organic eggs are very rich in content and have high nutritional value, they are not preferred by some individuals since they are in contact with various microorganisms in the natural environment. Pasteurized eggs are prepared for individuals who want to meet their egg needs more hygienically and in compliance with health standards and offer longer shelf-life. As Kor Yumurta, we increase our product range by pasteurizing organic eggs with our determination to meet the demands of consumers. Also, we carefully pack these eggs produced by protecting the cold chain so that you consume than with pleasure.


Pasteurized egg is an egg type that is prederred more by a lot of individuals. It is possible to mention the advantages of this type of egg in this preference. What are these advantages?
• Although pasteurized liquid eggs are not superior in taste and nutritional value than shell eggs, they are more preferred in terms of ease of use,
• It protects against bacteria such as Salmonella, Bacillus and Escherichia that can be transmitted from the egg shell,
• Although wastage observed due to cracking or crashing in shelled eggs, it is almost scarcely any in pasteurized eggs,
• Such a product type which you can buy either the yolk or the white of the egg is used for its own purpose,
• The scales that change according to the egg size affect the cake and food which will be made. However, it is much easier to proceed with the same recipe in pasteurized liquid eggs,
• Pasteurized liquid eggs which have a longer shelf-life compared to unshelled eggs, provide the advantage of long term use without losing its flavor.
You can consume pasteurized eggs that are produced in an organic way with the assurance of Kor Yumurta and packaged in compliance with hygiene rules.


Because we are dedicated to provide you the experience that we gain in the field of eggs and chickens! Kor Yumurta offers you a service with high nutritional products while playing a leading role in the production of chemical-free eggs in cold chain conditions as the only egg producer which have received an international award in the field of taste and quality in Turkey.